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What are the Benefits of Hosting Virtual Prayer Meetings for Funeral Services?

2023-08-14 | 4 Mins Read

During the Covid pandemic, far too many people lost so many of their loved ones. What made the loss even more unbearable was that so many people could not attend the last rites or prayer meetings of their loved ones because of the lockdowns or safety restrictions in place. In such a dark and turbulent time, virtual prayer meetings were the only glimmer of hope that so many of us had to say goodbye to our loved ones. With the pandemic abating to a very manageable level, a lot of us may think that there is no reason to host virtual prayer meetings for funeral services anymore. However, that is not true and there are still multiple benefits of hosting virtual prayer meetings like~

1. Bridging Distances — In today’s modern age, so many family members and beloved friends are scattered all across the country or around different parts of the globe. Death often comes as a sudden shock to all of us since it is not something we really expect. This suddenness sometimes makes it impossible for family members far away to make it in time for the last rites. In their moment of grief, they are forced to scramble for different modes of transportation that often do not let them reach on time. In such cases, virtual prayer meetings enable them to be fully present during their loved one’s funeral services no matter where they are and they can pay their last respects in peace without any regrets or guilt..

Bridging Distances.jpg

2. Increases Accessibility — It sometimes becomes very hard for old people, children, and people with different kinds of disability—both mental and physical, to attend and navigate funeral services. The children might get restless or not truly understand what is happening whereas old people might struggle with walking around, climbing stairs, or sitting and standing multiple times. The same goes for people coping with a physical disability. There are also many people whose mental health gets affected when they are in a sad or sombre atmosphere like a cremation ground or a prayer meeting but they have no option except to force themselves to go out of love and respect for the deceased. Keeping these considerations in mind, virtual prayer meetings serve as a very suitable option for several people so that they can stay in comfortable surroundings without struggling too much and yet be able to pay their respects to the departed soul from the bottom of their hearts.

3. Allows Close Ones to Focus and Stay Together — Sometimes, the loss is so huge that an entire city comes together to mourn the death of a beloved soul. While this is such a beautiful thing, large prayer meetings often take a toll on the close friends and family of the deceased one. Firstly, organising a prayer meeting of such a big scale in just a few days after a loved one’s passing is extremely difficult for family members. In their state of crippling grief and heartbreak, they are further burdened with handling the logistics of venue, priests, decor, food, and so much more. Thankfully, companies like TLS are here to help take on this burden for you. Secondly, a lot of people attend funeral services not only to pay their respects to the deceased but also to offer their condolences to the surviving family members. Sometimes, having to tend to so many guests and accepting their condolences can take a toll on the family because they are in a state of such deep grief that they have a hard time meeting and talking to others. In both these cases, virtual prayer meetings can help reduce the burden of the grieving family by allowing people to pay their last respects and yet affording the family their space to stay together and mourn.

4. Health Concerns — During peak Covid times, virtual prayer meetings were the most effective way to prevent the pandemic from spreading rapidly. Even now, virtual prayer meetings are the safest option whenever a new variant arises or there is some other infection like the Influenza flu and so many others going around. Not only does this protect the vulnerable populations like elders and children, it also gives a chance to those with an illness or a compromised immune system to bid farewell to the deceased from the safety of their homes without risking the health of others or themselves.

5. Preserving Memory — Sometimes, prayer meetings are really beautiful with such heartfelt sentiments expressed through pictures, speeches, and documentaries. Other times, the sermons given by a priest or the songs sung by the singers are so soul-stirring that one wants to preserve them for memories sake. With virtual prayer meetings, loved ones always have the option to record the service to preserve the memory of saying goodbye to their beloved one so that the final good-bye does not seem so final always and one can keep revisiting the memory for closure.

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