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Celebrating Afterlife

Allowing your loved one to depart in peace

We Are Here for You

We Are Here for You

Losing a loved one is unbearably painful, and the grief unimaginable. This is a time to remember the departed with fondness, console the bereaved, and carry out the last rites without strain or stress. Oddly, family members become so preoccupied with funeral arrangements that they have little time to mourn or even sympathise with their dear ones.

This is where we come in, to relieve your burden and carry out funeral arrangements in accordance with social norms, traditions, and the wishes of the departed soul; so you can be with those who need you, both physically and emotionally.

The Last String Promise

You can count on us to be there until the last string. From decor, transportation, and
cremation to counseling, live streaming of rituals, and prayer meetings, we ensure that
the departed soul's life journey is fully honored.

We serve with respect and honor in our hearts

We provide tranquility in our services

We take care of all funeral requirements – pre, during and post services

Known for providing excellent service

Utilization of superior technology

Professionalism fused with compassion

We serve with respect and honor in our hearts

We provide tranquility in our services

We take care of all funeral requirements – pre, during and post services

Known for providing excellent service

Utilization of superior technology

Professionalism fused with compassion

Funeral Services

How Can We Assist You?

Leave the funeral services to the professionals. We have a dedicated team of specialists who are fully committed to assisting you throughout the process so that you can mourn in peace and comfort your family. Our services are customised into four packages: Sacred, Cosmic, Celestial and Divine with A-to-Z services to suit your budget and needs.

Holistic Services

Funeral services to help you navigate through a difficult time

TLS Glory

With our comprehensive legacy planning service, we aim to preserve and honour their legacy.

TLS Spiritual

We make sure to leave no stones unturned in making arrangements for their departure.

TLS Counselling

Our compassionate counselling sessions offer essential support in the early stages of grief.


Your loved one may have expressed their desires and wishes in their lifetime and we empathise with your need to honour those wishes after their passing. Our personalised services meet those desires with grace and dignity, creating a meaningful farewell that reflects their individuality and values.

About Us

We understand your needs and the overwhelming responsibilities during this emotionally complex moment. The Last String is the trusted and dependable support you require and have until the end. Our professionals are compassionate, efficient, and well-equipped to effortlessly manage the entire process without stressing you out.

TLS Care Leader

Neha Arora

A creative individual brimming with unconventional ideas, Neha Seth Arora, possesses a stellar reputation in the field. Having organized large-scale events as part of her portfolio, Neha takes pride in her love for meticulous details that help bring finesse to the events she orchestrates. The company boasts of an enthusiastic and talented team helmed by Neha Seth Arora and Manoj Gopalani. Together, they share over two decades of experience in the wedding planning business.

Manoj Gopalani

Manoj Gopalani, is an accomplished entrepreneur whose forte lies in shaping spectacular events that are remembered as profound experiences. Teamed with industry knowledge and extensive understanding, the endeavor is to transform most special occasions into unforgettable journeys for families and guests alike. As a combined force, Neha and Manoj believe in pushing their talent to redefine the events’ ecosystem.


When your loved one passes away & especially on Father's day, it is all the more sad. My father passed away on father's day. I was feeling very sad, low & in grief. In such stressful moments, Mr. Pankaj of The Last String arranged all funeral things. On the day of funeral they were there at my place on time with the came with extra things asked by me. For all customs of our Jains they were well aware off. They were very accommodative. Thank you Mr. Pankaj & The Last String for your service & all the best to your co. for doing such noble work.

Jai Shah & Dharmesh Doshi


Do I always need to book the service before someone passes away?
The simple answer is, no. You can reach out to us anytime you want. We are available at your service 24/7. Not only do we assist in arranging services before someone passes away but we are also available to help after the passing away of a loved one. For any doubts or concerns feel free to call us at 9833155111 or write to us at contact@thelaststring.co. We are here to help.
Can I also customize Sacred/Cosmic/Celestial/Divine services?
Yes. Our customized services are tailored to meet all your requirements. All you need to do is tell us your plan or your loved one’s wish for the last rites and we will ensure you bid a memorable farewell to your dear one.
What if I want services after the cremation is done?
Cremation is not the end, there are several rituals that need to be performed for the moksha or salvation of the departed soul. So, to answer your question, YES, we can assist you with our services even after the cremation is done. From chautha, dasvi till tehrvi, pind daan, shradh or venue and food assistance, all you need to do is call us at 9833155111 and we will take care of the rest.
If I book a package after someone passes away, how long will it take for your team to begin the work?
With immediate effect. We are here to support and guide you through this difficult moment. The funeral director, the Priest (Pandit) along with the entire pooja samagri will be available to arrange the entire funeral service in accordance with traditions and social norms.
After booking an appointment, how can I reach out to you?
You don’t need to wait at all. Call us immediately on 9833155111 or directly chat with us on our website - www.thelaststring.co. If you are comfortable writing then write to us at contact@thelaststring.co. Either way, you will find us at your service with immediate effect.
Do I need to visit your office to book a package?
You can just call us on 9833155111 and leave the rest to us. Our team of professionals will ensure your requirements are met and your loved one is given a memorable service that lasts a lifetime.
How will the team contact me?
Our team will contact you in accordance with your instructions. Whether you want us to communicate directly over the phone or chat in an online group, just let us know and we will follow suit.
What are the details and documents required?
Leave all the paperwork to us because this is the hour when your family and relatives will need you emotionally and physically. All you need to do is share with us the following information and we will do the rest without interrupting your moment with loved ones.
  • Name of the deceased
  • Current location of the deceased
  • Cause of death
  • Destination/Venue address
  • Your relationship with the deceased
  • The original death certificate and aadhar card of the departed soul is required at the cremation ground.
What happens during the Hindu funeral rites?
Traditionally, Hindu funeral rites involve chants or mantras by the Hindu Priest or Pandit. The eldest son of the bereaved along with the Hindu Priest oversees the rituals during the last rites. They also gather family and friends and lead them in various Hindu death rituals. These rituals include:
  • Washing the body with ghee, honey, milk and yoghurt.
  • Placing essential oils on the head of the deceased (Tumeric for females, sandalwood for males)
  • Placing the palms in a position of prayer and tying the toes together.
  • Dressing the deceased’s body in smart clothes (contemporary) or wrapping it in a traditional white sheet.
  • Placing a garland of flowers and pinda (rice balls) around their loved ones.
  • Putting a lamp near the head or sprinkling water on the body.

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