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13 Beautiful Ways to Personalise a Funeral Service

2023-08-02 | 5 Mins Read

Whether a death is sudden or not, we are never really prepared to lose our loved. Often, the funeral goes by in such a hurried and impersonal manner that it doesn’t actually feel like we’re saying goodbye to our loved ones in the way we would’ve liked. Here are 13 beautiful ways to personalise a funeral service so that you can honour the spirit of your loved one in the truest sense possible~

1. Decor and Aesthetic — If your loved ones attended their own funeral, what would they say? Would they ask you to keep it minimal or would they prefer things to be more colourful? We are to assist you in choosing and executing decor that would match the essence of the departed soul.

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2. Last Rite Clothing — So many of us have a signature dressing style that tends to define who we are. Allow your loved ones to stay true to themselves till the very last string by making use of our outfit services that will help you dress your loved ones just like they would dress themselves for one last time.

3. Fragrance – Our sense of smell is inexplicably linked to our memories. Let us assist you in choosing incense sticks and flowers whose fragrance reminds you of your fondest memories with your loved one.

4. Honouring Religion — Conducting last rites in accordance to the departed soul’s religion or personal belief is the best way to honour their lifelong commitment to a particular path.

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5. Honouring Personal Belief — Even within a particular religion or path, your loved one may have connected very deeply to a certain god, saint, or sage. Honour the departed soul’s personal connection through songs and hymns either sung by singers or in a devotional playlist arranged by us. If there’s a certain paath or scripture that your loved one was particularly fond of, our team of experienced priests are there to perform those as well.

6. Photo Gallery— You should remember your loved ones through all the different moments in their life and not just through a single wall picture that will come to define their memory for you. Let us help you curate a photo gallery capturing and cherishing all the different beautiful moments from your loved one’s life.

7. Food — One of the things we fondly remember about our loved ones is the food they used to relish. Allow us to help you serve food in the services and prayer meetings that your loved one would have truly enjoyed and will remind each grieving guest of the departed soul.

8. Documentary — Sometimes, pictures are just not enough to relive your memories with your loved ones. You need to see them smile, the way they used to laugh, and the way they used to talk. Let us help you make a documentary on your loved one compiling all your home videos for everyone to see with fond nostalgia.

9. Charity and Donation — Even when our loved ones leave us, their values live on through us. There might have been a specific cause your loved one had devoted their life to or strongly resonated with. This is why we are here to assist you in making donations or incorporating your loved one’s favourite charity in some way during and after the funeral services. Let their legacy live on through your acts of service.

10. Collecting Near and Dear Ones — A person’s life is not just defined by their own principles and way of being but also by all the people who loved them. Nothing makes a funeral more personal than a group of loved ones collectively missing their beloved and supporting each other through their mutual loss. Let us shoulder all the organisational, logistical, and transportational burden for you so that all of you can come together and genuinely bid farewell to your beloved one.

11. Virtual Meetings — In this day and age, loved ones are often sitting in different corners of the world and can sometimes not make it back in time to bid a proper farewell to their beloved one. Their loss is already so big, it would be unfair for them to lose out on even paying their final respects. This is why hosting or streaming virtual meetings is a beautiful way of enabling every dear one to be a part of the services.

12. Heartfelt Speeches — Sometimes family members or dear friends might want to share stories or sentiments about the departed one. Our team of dedicated writers is here to help you craft your words in the most beautiful way possible so that they do justice to the life your loved one lived.

13. Obituary Advertisements — A single column in the newspaper announcing the mere demise of your loved one does not do justice to who they were. We are here to help you craft a personalised obituary that expresses your deep sentiments about losing your loved one along with the details of the funeral and prayer meetings. We are also here to help you create a template of the same to circulate on whatsapp or other social media so it can reach all near and dear ones.

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